Walt Senkow made violins for nearly 60 years. They were his passion and love.

dps_violinViolin made by both Walt Senkow and son. Finished in 2009. Photo as published in local magazine article.

Established 2005

Texas Made Investment Instruments

Click below link to view YouTube of a Walt Senkow made violin being played by Jonathan Romanko. Video posted:March 12, 2017


Click below link to hear then 16 yo Jonathan Romanko of Troy, MO play "Amazing Grace" on a violin made by Walt Senkow of Dallas, Texas.  (4:26 in length)

Click for Amazing Grace played on a Senkow violin.

We have launched this website to offer a limited number of hand crafted American made instruments to the investor / player. This website will act as a platform for us to share all our details regarding our violins and violas and also help customers quickly get in touch with us for any questions they may have.

Few investors of fine art are aware of the high market potential of investment in a well made violin. This small  market has produced high returns for investors compared to traditional investments such as stocks that are often tied to the state of the economy. Well made instruments tend to increase in value regardless as they age and are played.

Some find Investing in fine made violins and violas and then loaning them to musicians not only enhances the instrument itself by vibrating the top plate of the violin in playing which improves its sound, but also  helps the musicians career as well as the instruments owner's initial  investment.

In this website you will find detailed information about our limited instruments that we offer, you will also find other useful information such as contact details, photo gallery, and how Senkow instruments are still being made today. 

We will continuously keep updating this website with the latest information so that you are always up to date with all our activities, new initiatives & offerings.

"A well made violin, one that is made from quality old spruce and maple wood and one that is played on, is one of the few things known that will continue to increase in value year after year"  ....Walt Senkow 1970'S


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